• Town Heritage Walk Bridgetown

    154 Hampton Street, Bridgetown WA, Australia .

    Bridgetown Heritage Walk

    To download the Heritage Walk Trail book I have seen it HEREthough we do have 1 copy in our studios and you can buy them from the shire office from memory.

    You can do the walk on your own with the downloadable booklet as a guide or you can sometimes opt for the guidedBridgetown History Walk option, see information and details here

    A guided History walk that delves into the history of early Bridgetown, the characters who lived here and their fascinating stories. The tour begins and ends at The Police Station Museum, 148 Hampton St, Bridgetown. The walk is 1.7 km, mostly flat. Prebooking essential. Start time 11:00 AM - 90 minutes duration. Tickets $15 adult, $7.50 child/student

  • Blackwood River Walk

    Blackwood River Walk, Bridgetown WA, Australia .

    Blackwood River Walk, You can’t visit Bridgetown without taking in a bit of the outdoors, no matter the time of year. During the cooler months, with the river flowing and the lush vegetation, it’s particularly worthwhile embarking on the Blackwood River Walk. Following the banks of the Blackwood River, you can enjoy spotting some Blue Fairy Wrens amongst the hovea. The walk is six kilometres return. If you want to get even more immersed, you can also check out the Bridgetown Jarrah Park. About twenty minutes out of town, you can marvel at the giant, majestic karri trees on the six kilometre, two to three hour loop.

    The Blackwood River Walk incorporates a unique boardwalk link which runs through native bush and wetlands area.  The walk trail includes a 2 km section along the Blackwood River.  The trail crosses the river over a suspension bridge which spans 8 metres across the waterway. The trail is popular with dog walkers, joggers and cyclists, and even the occasional horse rider.

    You can walk the short loop through the grounds of Bridgedale House, cross the river behind the caravan park, continue along the river then over the traffic bridge back to Bridgedale (car park across the road) or park at the River Park and go in the opposite direction.

    The long walk takes you along the river and then back through the town along Hampton Street to either the car park opposite Bridgedale House or to the River Park.

    The walk can be accessed either from the River Park (southern side of the river) or through the grounds of Bridgedale House (on the northern bank of the river).

    Drop into the Visitor Centre on Stewart Street for a copy of the Walk Trails booklet or find one in the studio for reference but please do not remove from the studio.

    To download the walk trails book I have seen it here

  • Pioneer Park Peace Labyrinth

    Pioneer Park, Nelson Street, Bridgetown WA, Australia .

    Pioneer Park celebrates Bridgetown's early settlers and also contains the Peace Labyrinth. There is plenty of space for picnics and a run around for the kids.

    Take Nelson Street off Bridgetown's main street (SW Highway) and the park is on your right hand side as you venture up the hill.

    more information here

  • Bridgetown Jarrah Park

    XXCM+8F, Wandillup WA 6256, Australia .

    The Bridgetown Jarrah Park is a mere 15-minute drive from Bridgetown along the very scenic Brockman Highway

    Bridgetown Jarrah Park covering several hectares, is a paradise for nature lovers and those in search of tranquility. The park features well-kept trails that wind through dense forests, offering an immersive experience in the native bushland. The trails cater to all fitness levels, from easy walks to challenging hikes.

    Visitors will encounter towering Jarrah and Marri trees, some of which are centuries old. These majestic forests are not only stunningly beautiful but also vital to the local ecosystem, supporting a diverse array of flora and fauna.

    The Bridgetown Jarrah Park is located approximately 20 km from Bridgetown along the Brockman Highway .

    The Blackbutt Trail can be done to include all the smaller trails, taking about three hours.  Conveniently the Blackbutt Trail can be broken into loops of

    • Shield Tree Trail - 0.8km return - 20 minutes
    • Fallers Brand Trail - 2.2km return - 75 minutes 
    • Hollow Karri Trail - 3.3km return - 120 minutes 

    To download the walk trails book I have seen it here

  • Police Station Museum

    148 Hampton St, Bridgetown WA 6255, Australia .

    The Bridgetown Police Museum is on the main street in town and is worth a visit, apparently open 10 to 1pm saturdays and 9 to 3 wednesday and friday.  

    please contact the Bridgetown Historical Society via their website

  • Brierley Jigsaw Gallery

    154 Hampton Street, Bridgetown WA, Australia .

    Brierley Jigsaw Gallery

    The Gallery houses hundreds of jigsaw puzzles collected since the 1940s. It is one of only two jigsaw galleries in the world, and the only collection of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • Sunnyhurst Wines

    16 Doust St, Bridgetown WA, Australia .

    Sunnyhurst Winery is a family-owned and managed boutique winery. Grapes are grown in situ and the wine is hand made, bottled and sold in house. Visit the Sunnyhurst Cellardoor, no need to book-in , just walk-in anytime from Thursday to Sunday, 11am to 5pm. Wine tastings are available for a small fee and managed by the wine maker herself. Wine customers are welcome to wander the gardens, appreciate the majestic 120 years old Moreton Bay fig and enjoy the views. Families with kids are most welcome. They have lots to entertain children while parents can relax, sit down and sample the wines.

    Visit their website here

    # you can walk to the winery from the property if you go down the driveway to the river, turn right walk about 100m to the easement between our property and our neighbors and walk up the gap in between, watch the length of the grass and be sensible in snake season, in this photo you can see our blue shed and the easement, its really quite close and saves you having to drive.

  • Bridgetown Art Trail

    Public toilet block wall, River Park Foreshore .

    The Bridgetown Art Trail consists of a collection of street artworks - paintings and sculptures - throughout the town centre. The exteriors of selected historic and public buildings have been chosen to be painted by local artists with their interpretation of Bridgetown life. Also in chosen locations about the town are beautiful sculptures created specifically for their inclusion in the Trail.

    more information see here

    1.Public toilet block wall, River Park Foreshore

    2. Corner of South Western Highway and Brockman Highway

    3. Bridgetown Mini Mart

    4. In and around the garden, on Stewart Street

    5.The Rabbit Hole

    6.Wall to the north of Bridgetown Masonic Lodge

    7.Behind the Community Kiosk, next to the Christmas Shop

    8.Geegelup General Supplies

    9.Town Square (corner Steere Street and Spencer Street)

    10. Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes office (inside building, on entry ramp)

    11. Blackwood Fresh

    12. Bridgetown Community Resource Centre wall

    13. South Western Highway, in front of Bridgetown Repertory Theatre

    14. Along Roe Street, in front of Bridgetown Primary School

    15. Somme Creek

    16. Somme Creek

    17. Somme Creek


  • Mini Golf Bridgetown

    Hester Road, Hester Brook WA, Australia .

    The mini-golf in Bridgetown/Hester was damaged by major fire in 2022, However it is once again playable and is open to the public. The cost is $5:00 each and this can be paid through the honesty box which is next to the car park. You can also pay on-line and those details are also published on the honesty box. see their website here

  • Maslin Reserve Trails

    3427+86 Bridgetown WA 6255, Australia .

    Discover Maslin Reserve: A Natural Treasure Near Bridgetown

    Maslin Reserve, covering 49 hectares, is a vital bushland area amidst a landscape largely cleared for farming and housing. Located just a short drive from Bridgetown's center, this reserve offers a glimpse into the region's natural heritage.

    Originally established in 1923 as a timber resource for settlers, the reserve was heavily logged and mined for gravel, leaving it extensively damaged. By the 1960s, all remaining Jarrah trees were cut down, leaving only mature Marris standing. Plans to clear the reserve for an airstrip were later abandoned due to inadequate space.

    Local residents grew fond of the reserve and its wildflowers, leading to a successful petition and campaign by the "Friends of the Forest" group. In 1993, the reserve was officially designated for "Parkland and Recreation" and preserved in its natural state.

    Despite past damage, Maslin Reserve maintains a rich shrub layer of Banksia and Balga, along with a well-preserved understorey. A survey by the Blackwood Environment Society recorded over 160 plant species, including trigger plants, orchids, peas, wattles, native buttercups, small perennial herbs, native grasses, and sedges.

    Springtime brings a spectacular display of wildflowers, particularly the reserve’s ten or more orchid species such as Greenhoods, Bunny Orchids, Cowslips, Pink Fairy, Donkey, Spider Orchids, and Sun Orchids.

    Wildlife enthusiasts can also spot various animal species in the reserve. Notable birds include Baudin's Cockatoo, Red-tailed Black Cockatoo, and the Masked Owl. Mammals like Brush-tailed Possums, Chudditch, Brush-tailed Phascogale, Quenda, and Brush-tailed Wallaby inhabit the area, along with reptiles such as the Dugite, King's Skink, Bobtail, and Black-tailed Monitor.

    For maps and more information, pick up a Walk Trails booklet from the Visitor Centre. Enjoy your visit to Maslin Reserve and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Bridgetown

    see the google map link here

  • Hester Forest Walks

    35CF+VH Kangaroo Gully Western Australia, Australia .

    Explore Hester Forest: A Natural Haven Near Elysian Bridgetown

    Hester Forest, located to the north-east of Bridgetown, is a series of small forest blocks interspersed with farmland. This forest is an essential part of Bridgetown's character, providing a scenic green belt visible from high points in the landscape. The well-signed Hester Forest walks, with excellent facilities, were officially sanctioned by the Department of Parks & Wildlife in 2016.

    There are four bush walks in Hester Forest, ranging from a 30-minute stroll through a white gum valley to a 10 km hike alongside adjoining farms:

    1. Old Abattoir Walk (Jarrah-Marri Forest Trail): This easy two-hour walk takes you through a forest block bordered by farmland and Bridgetown-Boyup Brook Road. Enjoy seasonal wildflowers and a variety of birds as you walk along the boundary or the creek. map link here

    2. Wandoo Valley Walk: A 30-minute walk through a white gum valley featuring grass trees, banksias, and a majestic grandfather wandoo. Look out for wildflowers in season, an eagle’s nest at the entrance, and old tree hollows that provide shelter for birds and possums.

    3. The Ridge Walk: This trail winds through mature jarrah trees on an ironstone ridge descending to a sandy valley. It's a haven for kangaroos and bird life, located just off Elwins Road.

    4. Ten Kilometre Walk: Starting from Taylor Road, this walk follows a track alongside farms and ends at Winnejup Road or Elwins Road.

    For a detailed map and more information, pick up a Walk Trail booklet at the Visitor Centre. Enjoy the natural beauty of Hester Forest during your stay at Elysian Bridgetown.

  • Winnejup Reserve Walk

    Winnejup Rd, Winnejup WA 6255, Australia .

    Discover Winnejup Reserve: A Natural Gem Near Elysian Bridgetown

    Winnejup Reserve, located 15 km east of Bridgetown along the eastern bank of the Blackwood River, spans 27.38 hectares and offers approximately 1.6 km of river frontage. This reserve features a variety of trails, ranging from short 20-minute walks to three-hour hikes.

    Despite its modest size, Winnejup Reserve is rich in biodiversity, showcasing a variety of habitats and plants. These include river foreshore areas, sandy soils, and rocky outcrops. A plant survey identified over 120 species within the reserve. Along the river, you’ll find Flooded Gums, Tea Tree, and Swamp Paperbark thickets.

    Away from the river, the reserve transitions into Jarrah woodlands with Bull Banksia and Golden Wreath Wattle. This area also hosts a diverse heath community, including Dwarf Sheoak, Hakeas, Balga, Wattles, native Buttercups, Fringed Lilies, sundews, and Red and Green Kangaroo Paws, as well as various rushes and sedges.

    The high rocky outcrops are in excellent condition, home to White Myrtle, Verticordia, Cowslip Orchids, Common Donkey Orchids, and Jug Orchids. The shallow soils of these outcrops support Sweet Quandong, a rare shrub that blooms in summer and bears bright red edible fruit from late winter to spring.

    The reserve’s "old growth" Jarrah trees provide essential nesting sites for various wildlife, including possums, cockatoos, and owls. Notable species observed in the reserve include the endangered Baudin's Cockatoo, Forest Red-tailed Black Cockatoo, Masked Owl, and Brush-tailed Possum. The Honey Possum, Pygmy Possum, Brush-tailed Phascogale, and Quenda are also likely inhabitants.

    For maps and detailed information about the walks, pick up a Walk Trails booklet from the Visitor Centre. Enjoy exploring Winnejup Reserve and immerse yourself in the natural beauty during your stay at Elysian Bridgetown.

    google map link here

    best scenic drive there is tweed road loop



  • Old Rectory Walk Trail

    Bridgetown WA, Australia .

    Explore the Old Walk Rectory Trail, located approximately 1 km west of the Bridgetown bridges alongside the scenic Blackwood River. Historically used by Anglican Parish Priests commuting between home and work at the "Old Rectory," this picturesque walk offers a tranquil retreat into nature.

    While the "Old Rectory" is now privately owned, walkers can enjoy retracing the priest's footsteps or taking a loop route that returns via the railway reserve, which features a captivating public art sculpture resembling a water drop at the bridge's southern end.

    The trail boasts abundant native wildlife and bursts into color during spring with a profusion of wildflowers including snowdrops, peas, wattles, native buttercups, and orchids. For detailed maps and further information, pick up a Walk Trails booklet available at the Visitor Centre.

    park here and walk

  • Sunnyside Reserve & Hall & Canoe Launch

    1197 Tweed Road, Sunnyside WA, Australia .

    Discover Sunnyside Reserve & Hall, nestled approximately 12 km along Tweed Road in Bridgetown, bordering the serene Blackwood River. Originally a crucial watering point for livestock, the reserve holds a rich history dating back to the construction of its Hall in 1921, where monthly dances once enlivened the community. In 1971, the reserve became part of the Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes.

    Today, Sunnyside Reserve flourishes with diverse vegetation that serves as vital habitat for local wildlife. A recent survey cataloged 120 plant species, including native buttercups, Running Postman, Native Wisteria, and vibrant Red and Green Kangaroo Paws. The landscape features predominantly Jarrah-Marri open woodland with a lush understory of wattle, pea scrub, and native grasses. Notably, some plants, like the Australian Bluebells and Zamia, once served as important food sources for Aboriginal communities.

    Visitors can enjoy the reserve's amenities, including a hall and toilets at the oval, which are ideal for informal overnight camping. The river access allows for canoe launching, though the incline can be steep. For detailed information and maps, stop by the Visitor Centre and plan your exploration of Sunnyside Reserve.

    Google map link for directions here

    a video of the sunnyside hall can be found here

  • Visitor Centre Bridgetown

    Stewart Street, Bridgetown PO Box 271, Bridgetown WA 6255 .

    The Bridgetown-Greenbushes Visitor Centre is located on Stewart Street Bridgetown in the old railway terminal building that has been renovated.

  • River Markets

    Blackwood River Park, Hampton Street, Bridgetown WA, Australia .

    2024 Bridgetown River Park Markets dates are as listed below.

    JANUARY: 7th, 21st
    FEBRUARY: 4th, 18th
    MARCH: 3rd, 17th, 31st
    APRIL: 14th, 28th
    MAY: 12th, 26th
    JUNE: 9th, 23rd
    JULY: 7th, 21st
    AUGUST: 4th, 18th
    SEPTEMBER: 1st, 15th, 29th
    OCTOBER: 13th, 27th
    NOVEMBER: 10th, 24th
    DECEMBER: 8th, 22nd

    If there are special market dates, they may not be listed here.

    Located at Blackwood River park along S Western Hwy near the corner of Smith street close to the caravan park along the river.

  • Wag Walters Emporium

    1-56 Eedle Terrace, Bridgetown WA, Australia .

    Wag Walters Emporium is exactly the type of place you’d hope to stumble upon visiting one of WA’s charming regional towns. Adjoining the picturesque and historic Ford House B&B on the banks of the mighty Blackwood River, Wag Walters is absolutely chockas with sweet knick-knacks, including a treasure trove of festive ornaments, homewares and even boasts a life-size gingerbread house! If you’re lucky enough to be there for special events (including at the 2023 Fridgetown Fest), you may even get to enjoy a traditional high tea in the barn!

  • Donnelly River Village

    Cnr Sears & Andrews Rds, WA 6258 .

    Donnelly River Village approx 25 mins from bridge town and has friendly kangaroos and emus which you can feed.

    Donnelly Village, a historic mill town in Australia’s South West karri forests, offers a unique escape from modern life. Close to Bridgetown, Nannup, Manjimup, and the Margaret River Wine Region. Built in the 1950s for the Bunnings Brothers, the village features original cottages, a bunkhouse, a cafe, and various recreational facilities. Wildlife like kangaroos and emus add to its charm. Owned by a community group since 2009, Donnelly Village preserves its heritage. Experience the magic of Donnelly.

    see their website here

  • New Zealand Gully Walk

    38 Blackwood Rd, Greenbushes WA 6254, Australia .

    New Zealand Gully Walk : Embark on a scenic 7 km walk starting and finishing across from the Greenbushes Discovery Centre at Heritage Park, located on Blackwood Road in Greenbushes. This enjoyable hike typically spans about three hours.

    Along the trail, you'll traverse natural watercourses, explore historic mining sites, meander through ancient mixed forests, pass by rehabilitation zones, and visit the historic North Greenbushes township. Look for trail markers adorned with a distinctive badge depicting a long-necked turtle.

    For more details and a Walk Trails booklet, visit the Visitor Centre and prepare for your adventure on foot.

    Google map link here for directions

  • Mining Heritage Walk Greenbushes

    38 Blackwood Rd, Greenbushes WA 6254, Australia .

    Explore a delightful 3 km stroll through jarrah bushland, offering an hour-long journey showcasing historic mining remnants. Wander past old mining shafts, tunnel entrances, and trenches, while admiring the heritage buildings of Greenbushes.

    The trail commences and concludes opposite the Greenbushes Discovery Centre at Heritage Park on Blackwood Road. It winds through various heritage mining sites, identified by distinctive triangular markers featuring a miner's safety hardhat and crossed pick and shovel. Informative interpretive signs enhance the experience along the way.

    Don't miss the Mine Lookout point, where markers guide you to a stunning vista overlooking the expansive Cornwall mining pit (open daily from 8 am to 5 pm).

    For further details, including maps and more trails, visit the Visitor Centre and pick up a Walk Trails booklet.

  • Greenbushes Things to do inc. Natural Pool & Boardwalk

    Greenbushes Loop, Greenbushes WA 6254, Australia .

    A short drive out to Greenbushes to view the mine viewing platforms and walk around the boardwalk at the Greenbushes natural pool is worth it for most, see their website here people generally like to go each at the shamrock hotel in greenbushes to if you like character pubs.

  • Boyup Brook Classic Cars

    Boyup Brook Classic Cars, 61 Railway Parade, Boyup Brook WA 6244, Australia .

    Boyup Brook Classic Cars

    Cars, Caravans, Memorabilia, Motorcycles and more……
    Phone for appointment - 0428 181 689

    Whether you’re a motoring enthusiast or simply enjoy history you will find something of interest in Bert and Angie’s garage. Housed in an old John Deere dealership The Classic Car collection has vehicles from the 1920’s to the 1970’s in all shapes, sizes, and colours. 

    Step back in time in Angie’s Diner – a nostalgic American diner display that will take you back to the 50’s & 60’s.

    website here


  • Quaking Frog Teapot Shed Boyup Brook

    18 Williams Street, Boyup Brook WA, Australia .

    Quaking Frog Teapot Shed - High Teas with a twist of Indian, Takeaway Indian dishes are available contact Ruth 0433681830 pre ordering is essential.

    see information hereor contact Boyup Brook Visitor Info centre

  • Harvey Dickson's Country Music Centre

    Harvey Dickson's Country Music Centre, Boyup Brook WA, Australia .

    The iconic Harvey Dickson's Country Music Centre is 5km out of Boyup Brook, bringing together a unique blend of Country Music, Rodeo excitement, music, historical memorabilia and farm life.

    website here

  • Boyup Brook District Pioneers Museum

    Boyup Brook District Pioneers' Museum, Jayes Road, Boyup Brook WA, Australia .

    Boyup Brook District Pioneers Museum

    The Boyup Brook District Pioneers’ Museum is located on the site of the old Masonic Lodge. Boyup Brook is rich in history and the people of the district have contributed much to the development of Western Australia. The museum’s displays reflect the spirit and ingenuity of the pioneers of the district, with simple and sympathetic interpretation.
    Hours: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10am to 3pm
    To arrange a viewing for groups or if not open, ring:
    John Walsh: 0439 651 560
    John Imrie: 0439 310 044

  • Skeleton Bridge

    5CF4+XR Boyup Brook WA 6244, Australia .

    Skeleton Bridge

    ​Bridle Trail to Skeleton Bridge        
    Length – 5km return  
    walking time 1.25 hours

    The trail begins behind the historic railway station, sharing its path with the Bicentennial Walk Trail along the Brook until reaching the Flaxmill precinct. Take the left fork to rejoin the abandoned railway line. After passing the Flaxmill, the trail opens up to provide stunning panoramic views of farmland and the river floodplain.

    For easier access and a shorter walk, start at the big machinery storage shed at the end of the entrance drive into the Flaxmill and Caravan Park. Signs in the paddock on the left will direct you to the Bridle Trail. At the T-junction, turn right, following the old railway line to the Blackwood River and Skeleton Bridge. Remember to close all gates behind you.

    Skeleton Bridge, which opened on May 21, 1912, and closed on June 3, 1982, spans 80 meters with a 12-meter drop from its center. The name "Skeleton Bridge" likely refers to its open sleeper pattern, though locals also call it "Skelly" or "Skellows" Bridge.

    A gazebo near the bridge offers shelter, detailed information about the bridge, and a picnic table. Please take your rubbish with you when you leave.

    A scale model of the bridge, crafted by Robert Jameison, is on display at the CMCA Eco RV Park (formerly Flaxmill Caravan Park). To view the model, locate the caravan park custodian or call the Shire office during business hours at 9765 1200.

    google map location here