Discover Bridgetown with Your Dog while staying in our accommodation at Elysian Bridgetown

Relax and unwind in our comfortable dog friendly studio 2 or 4 at Elysian Bridgetown, or soak in the stunning views from our decks. Here are some activities you and your dog can enjoy during your stay:

  1. Explore Our Grounds: Stroll through our front paddock or side orchard with your dog on a leash or park at the bottom driveway shed parking and walk your dog along the relatively quiet road used only by locals.. Please remember to pick up after your pet BYO poop bags.
  2. River Walks: Use the river walk booklet available in your studio or download it online. Discover various scenic walking trails around Bridgetown with your furry friend.
  3. Dog-Friendly Cafes: Enjoy a meal or a coffee at one of Bridgetown’s dog-friendly cafes:
    • Mulberry Tree Cafe
    • Vietnamese Cafe
    • Barking Cow Cafe
    • Grounded Espresso
    • Bridgetown Bakery
    • Wattleseed Bran Cafe (seating available to the side)
    • The Cidery (dogs allowed on a leash in the back area)
    • SupaChook Carvery (Bridgetowns version of chicken treat)
  4. Dining with Your Dog: For dinner, you can dine with your dog at the outdoor areas of:
    • Bridgetown Hotel
    • Vietnamese Cafe (during opening hours) seats out front
    • SupaChook Carvery (Bridgetowns version of chicken treat) seats out front
  5. Scenic Drives: Enjoy a picturesque drives along Peninsula Road (gravel) or Tweed Road (bitumen and gravel).
  6. Pioneer Park: Take a leisurely walk in Pioneer Park, home to the labyrinth. More details can be found on the attractions page of our website.

Explore the best of Bridgetown with your dog and make your stay at Elysian Bridgetown memorable!


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