Experience the Timeless Tradition of Bell Ringing at Elysian Bridgetown

In many cultures around the world, the ringing of bells holds a profound historical and traditional significance. Bells have served various purposes throughout history, calling us to wake up, pray, begin the day's work or school, announce important events, and even express emotions of joy and sorrow.

In 2010, a wonderful initiative took root in Bridgetown, inspired by the charming bell-ringing of the Sanzone Family at what is now known as Elysian Bridgetown. Observing this delightful tradition, a group of locals, led by Tony McAlinden, decided to adopt the art of bell ringing as a symbol of welcome, peace, and friendship for their beloved town.

The Sanzone Family's bell, known as 'the Angelus,' held deep meaning for them. It not only reminded Angelo of his childhood in rural Italy, where bells resonated through the hills of his village, but it also honored their faith and served as a moment of gratitude. The name 'Angelus,' derived from the Latin word for angel, beautifully saluted Angelo's own name.

Inspired by the beauty of this tradition, Tony McAlinden envisioned a grand chorus of bells echoing through the Blackwood Valley, creating a soothing melody that would unite the entire community. With the help of Barbara Johnson, the coordinator of the Bridgetown Visitors Centre at the time, they set out to encourage residents to install bells on their properties and ring them harmoniously at noon and 6.00 PM.

Today, Bridgetown is adorned with bells, spreading peace and goodwill to everyone who hears their melodious sounds. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, take a moment at noon and 6.00 PM to listen for the bells as they call out to each other. We promise it will bring a smile to your face.

At Elysian Bridgetown, we proudly possess the original Sanzone bell that ignited this heartwarming tradition. If you happen to be near our property at those designated hours, you may hear the Angelus chorus ring out for all to enjoy. The rhythm we follow is 3-3-3, with three tolls, a pause, another three tolls, another pause, and finally, three more tolls.

For our fortunate guests staying on the property, we offer a unique opportunity to partake in this cherished tradition. You can experience the joy of ringing the bell yourself, but places are limited (only twice a day) and are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Be sure to inquire with us if you wish to take part in this special experience.

Furthermore, we aspire to unite all bell owners in town and map the locations of these delightful bells. If you currently own a bell and ring it out, we would love to hear from you and bring the bell-ringing community together.

Let the sound of bells transport you to a place of peace and harmony as you become a part of this timeless tradition at Elysian Bridgetown. Join us in celebrating the heritage and joy that bell ringing brings to our beloved town.