CANCELLATION POLICY:  100% refund for cancellations more than 30 days before check-in (MINUS SURCHARGE FEES). 50% refund for bookings with 2 to 4 weeks prior notice. No refund for bookings made with less than 14 days. No Show Failure to arrive for your stay will result in your full payment forfeited

Mistakes made by the guest on booking are the guests responsibility, if at any stage you are unsure call us prior to booking.

  • SELF CHECK IN: Anytime after 2 pm
  • SELF CHECK OUT: is anytime before 10 am
  • LATE CHECK OUT: is not possible as it holds up our paid cleaner, disrupts the scheduling of the precision linen washing schedule
  • QUIET TIME: 9pm to 8.30am as quests are here to sleep in and relax (not hear workers going to work at 6am for example)

Mandatory SMS to 0439 381 570: on arrival & departure (24/7 send SMS to tell us you checked in and out, you may or may not receive a reply)

WHEELCHAIR ACCESS: If you are coming with a wheelchair please advise us in advance so we can put the door lips in place, its no trouble and makes entry much smoother otherwise they are in the shed.
BOOKINGS: Online bookings through the website are preferred, regular guests we can accept cash payment on the day in person though.

GUEST FARM ACCESS: Paying guests may wander in the gardens in front of the main homestead, the front garden, front paddock, the side orchard near the accommodation and down the driveway, but please not on the same upper level as the rear of the homestead or the shed up the back to allow privacy of owners in their home. If you require a map please ask.

STAINED LINEN: We have white linen, general use is accounted for, though damaged or stained linen with makeup or acne creams etc will incur additional replacement cost charges. If you prefer dark towels please let us know when booking in the comments/notes. We provide disposable make up removal wipes in the bathrooms.

POWER: Turn off aircon//heater/lights when exiting the studio, they do not take long to heat up or cool down so leaving them on is unnecessary, we are happy to go turn them on half an hour prior to your arrival or return should you ask us to by SMS and if its convenient & we are home to 0439 381 570 or 0409 082 520

NO SMOKING: on the wood decks or balcony EVER, no smoking with 5 meters of any of our buildings, there is a smoking area on the carpark level outside the doors , please stand as far away from the doors as possible and use the butt trays near the seats and firepit only.
EV CHARGING: There is no EV charger option nor any power points to use.

CHILDREN: Must be supervised at all times on the property, our accommodation is primarily an adult/couple stay and people come here to enjoy the quiet, not hear kids yelling or playing on the property unfortunately so please bare that in mind when booking if you have noisy kids. We don't want you to be offended if you are contacted about noise issues.

GENERAL NOISE: The studios are adjoined by a single wall and they are not exceptionally sound proofed, therefore consideration of guests next to you is required and no loud noise after 9pm or before 8.30am during quiet hours.

NO MOVING OF FURNITURE: guests are not to move any of the furniture under any circumstances as it damages the floor coverings.

DOGS: Non aggressive dogs are welcome on leash at Elysian Bridgetown in Studio 4. On occasion in Studio 2 if guest is in a wheelchair or disabled. Dogs are allowed inside those 2 studios but MUST NOT go on the beds or couches (be mindful others have allergies) please bring their own appropriate bedding and a portable pet enclosure to keep them off furniture if they are used to furniture at home, for small dogs I have and enclosure fence that can be borrowed. A fee will be charged after your exit for any damage or if extra cleaning for any pet hair is required as hair is difficult to get out and time consuming, pet odour never leaves fabric and causes extensive damage in this kind of business, please keep them off the fabrics. We also ask that they are kept under close control and on a lead at all times outside, if seen off lead you will be asked to leave and you will not receive a refund for your booking cancellation and exit off the property as we consider this a safety issue. Please ensure your dog stays with you on lead and you must bring poo bags and clean up after them, they are not to wander near the homestead. Areas allowed are the studio area, front paddock & side orchard or you can park near the bottom shed at driveway entrance and walk along the quiet road and river for exercise, which we encourage for their well being. There is a dog fee of $20 per dog, per night and a maximum of 2 dogs total at any given time. This needs to be selected in the extras before check out, it can not be added later unless you bring cash on the day.

Do not leave dogs unattended in the accommodation studio, they could bark disrupting other guests or damage furniture, if other guests complain you may be asked to leave early with no refund. Our two elderly and very little dogs are not friendly and cannot interact with guests pets, also our chickens, peacock and guinea fowl are not fond of dogs either and they roam freely scaring them will make them fly off to another property and not return due to stress.
LAMBS: Lambs being bottle fed with nappies are welcome in not left unattended.OTHER UNIQUE ANIMALS ask us about first.
CATS: unfortunately can not be permitted inside the studio due to the owners allergies.
Day Care options are available in town with prior notice I can forward their details.

Payment is taken upfront for all bookings.

WI-FI: No WIFI at the property, but the property does get good reception for your own mobile data, at some stage we may consider upgrading to starlink but that's a few grand with extenders and different log ins for guests, its not like a home system unfortunately and we have only had a handful of guests ask about WIFI, generally all like to disconnect when on the property and relax.

FOOD: we do not provide any food, only tea,coffee, sugar and UHT milk, we encourage supporting small businesses in town instead, the rooms have menus and information in the booklets inside.

PARKING & VEHICLES: one standard size car park bay per studio is provided near the accommodation building, should you require more please get in touch prior to booking.

GUESTS HAVING VISITORS IS NOT ALLOWED: We do NOT allow friends or family of anyone not listed to visit paying guests on the property, they are not covered by our insurance, nor do we have the parking for extra and we don't want our other paying guests disrupted by extras coming and going, unfortunately doing so can forfeit/cancel your stay entirely with no refund, we suggest going into town to meet up with others. Having extras attend the property will see extra charges to your stay $50 per person per day.

Long Stay guests: weekly clean and linen change is included in stays over a week long and are mandatory, we have a washing machine under studio 4 for guest use.

OWNER STAFF EMERGENCY ENTRY: Potentially for a safety issue or for concerns for the building, ie. urgent roof leaks or maintenance issues or health inspections by the shire, owner or staff may need to access your studio. They will always send request prior or knock and wait.

STUDIO SELECTIONS: are not guaranteed, on occasion for various reasons, you may end up in another coloured studio, we try to avoid this but can happen on occasion without notice of change.

VOUCHER STAYS, are valid for 6 months only.

Booking with us means that you agree to the above.