Soul Call Healing (mobile service)

Usui Reiki Master, Ashati Master, Alsemia Practitioner, Sound Healing Practitioner, Crystal healer

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To book Adelle please contact her directly

Mob: 0411 863 416   or email click here

Christine Ashbil offers a mobile massage option where she will come to you in your studio at Elysian Bridgetown

call or message her on 0499 316 125

Seasonality fresh produce boxes Deliveries by Southern Forest Produce to Bridgetown Friday morning 8.30am sharp, set drop points or pick up from our packing facility Monday to Friday.

To arrange and pick up your own box timed in with your stay call:
Anthony 0419920938
Natasha 0437169597
LARGE BOX $60 (example below)
1 broccoli
Butternut pumpkin
Iceberg lettuce
2 sweet corn
2 Paprika
Green capsicum
3 sweet potatoes
5 round tomatoes
2 brown onions
11/2 kg white washed potatoes
6 carrots
Continental cucumber
1 bag lunch box size bananas
4 pink lady apples
1 Hass Avocado
4 persimmons
Punnett 250 gram strawberries
500grams Feijoas
Bag stringless beans 250grams
Bunch mint
SMALL BOX $45 (example below)
1 Mini cos lettuce
1 bunch broccolini
Green kale
Boc choy
1/2 butternut pumpkin
1 continental cucumber
Green capsicum
1kg prince of orange potatoes
Sweet potatoes
4 carrots
2 brown onions
1 sweet corn
Bag cherry tomatoes
3 pink lady apples
4 bananas
1 Hass avocado
2 persimmons
6 feijoas
Punnett 250 gram strawberries
Fruit Box only $40
Pink lady apples
Punnett strawberries
Red apples
Honey dew
Optional Extra List:
1 kg pink lady new season apples $5
1 kg tree ripen red crisp Apples $5
1 kg Feijoas $9
1 kg bananas $4.50
kg White brushed potatoes $3
kg Red brushed potatoes cabaret $3.50
kg white washed potatoes $4
Kg baby washed potatoes $3.50
Kg royal blue washed $5.00
Kg prince of orange potatoes $4
Sweet potatoes $3.50 each
Carrots $1.50 kg loose
Cauliflower white $7
Broccoli $3.50 each
Bunch broccolini $4
Bunch spring onions $5
Packets herbs & spices assorted $3
Brown onions $3.00 kg
Red onions $1.50 each
500 grams jars honey with comb $15
Zucchini $3 .50 each
Mini cos lettuce $3
Omega walnuts 250grams pouch kernels $8
Butternut pumpkin $5 each
Jap pumpkin 3kg to 5kg $10 each
Celery $6 bunch
Punnett strawberries 250gram $5
Hass Avocados new season 23 count size $2 each
Sweet corn $1.75 each
Iceberg $3 each
Spaghetti squash $5 each
Bunch kale $5
Bunch silverbeet $5


Pet Care/Pet Sitting options for you by Robyn McSweeney who sits at her home in Bridgetown 0407 611 957

A Place of Healing is a few doors down from Elysian Bridgetown they offer:

  • Dorn Spinal Therapy
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Allergy Testing
  • Hair Analysis
  • Dry Needling

Ray Murphy: Naturopath, Dip. App Sc ATMS

and his partner Herbs & Healingfor Women Bronwyn Whiteford, Herbalist, Dip. Western Herbal Medicine MATMS 0487 193 815